• 4’ pole (removable) operates ring on right side of the shade
  • Ring can be moved to left side of the shade


  • High quality PVC coated polyester
  • Fabric comes standard as a reverse roll
  • Heat and fire resistant for safety

Tie-Down System

  • Wind Flex Bungee System included to tie the shade down
  • Bungee secures both sides of fabric for light wind conditions


  • Features easy install system
  • Can easily be installed on a ceiling or wall
  • Installation template included

Standard Sizes

  • (Valance width x Fabric drop) 4 ft x 8 ft • 6 ft x 8 ft • 7 ft x 8 ft • 8 ft x 8 ft • 10 ft x 8 ft

Custom Sizes

  • Custom bracket to bracket widths between 12’’ and 120’’ are also available (in increments of 1/8’’)

Fabric Drop

  • All shades will have a fabric drop of 96’’ (not customizable, you do not have to roll your shade down completely)